Even though MeisterSinger is not fussy about the passing of time, we do maintain the quality of our single-hand watches carefully and thoroughly. Precise Swiss movements, protected by high-caliber stainless-steel casings, ensure the highest accuracy of timekeeping. To ensure that every watch is one of a kind, an individual serial number is assigned to each one. In order for you to enjoy your watch, for at least as many decades as the research taken to produce it, here are some tips for the care and maintenance of your MeisterSinger.

Water resistance

Water is the biggest enemy of every watch. Thus, the MeisterSinger body housing is designed to be watertight, so as to withstand the indicated pressure. However, the watertightness of a watch is never a permanent condition. External influences, like aging joints and gaskets may have negative impact on the watertightness.


Your watch operates with a small but powerful engine. Like an automobile engine, the mechanical movement in your watch must be regularly lubricated. Also, just as a tire tread does not last forever, the joints and gaskets must be checked and, when appropriate, be replaced. At a regular inspection, these things, and many more, are expertly examined and carried out by an experienced watchmaker. A general inspection every three to four years is suggested.

Manual winding

Wind the crown on the side of the case back and forth until you feel a slight resistance. The watch will be most accurate when it is wound once per day. Make it your daily ritual.

Automatic winding

The crown lies in the resting position on the case. Get the movement of the watch mechanism underway by twisting the crown back and forth approximately 15 times. The further winding of the automatic watch is done by the movements of everyday life. Theoretically you should only have to wind an automatic watch once. Should it wind down to a stop through not being worn, please set it in motion again by repeating the start-up step described above.


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