MeisterSinger takes care of your time. We know it is precious and so we give our best to make it the most pleasant for you.

Whenever your watch needs a repair or a service, our service- and watchmaking team around watchmaker Christian Cszela has this in mind. MeisterSinger watches will be checked and repaired as fast as possible. But a watch is a complicated mechanical measurement instrument. It is running for years and years, sometimes without even one stop. You would never attend your car running 200.000 km or more without even one service or check-up. You go there regularly, so should you with your mechanical watch.

All steps during the process of check-up and repair are manufacturing arts. After receipt: one watchmaker accompanies the whole process. He will open the watch and check it carefully to find out what might be wrong. He cleans up the surface of the movement and the watch will be reviewed for minimum 24 or in some cases even 48 hours. Don’t forget watches contain often several hundreds parts and these little wheels and screws have to work perfectly together like an orchestra.

So, before we can even tell you which kind of help your watch needs, our experienced watchmakers have already taken several steps in its care. Each of it manual, intricate and impossible to rush!

After we got your “GO” on the work that has to be done to repair your watch, the next part of the important work starts. Your watch will be opened again and all the parts will be cleaned, reviewed and sorted again. When assembled again the complete movement is also lubricated again. You don’t need a piano players hand to get this work done, but a lot of experience and passion for these little pieces of mechanic that makes your watch a perfect composition of art and timekeeping.

Repair and reassembly is following all done in a hygienic environment. The smallest fingerprint, caused by the oil of your skin or grain of dust can cause severe damage on the mechanical pieces.

After testing the watch again to make sure, that you will receive it in absolute perfection the watch can be returned to the owner. As most of the customers are asking for speed according service and repair times we are giving our best to make it possible. But in the end, it is not speed we are seeking for – it is perfection!

To begin this process, please reach out to the Authorized Factory Service Center, Duber Time Co., to recieve a Repair Authorization (or RA) number. You may call (727) 896-4278 or email to recieve your RA number.