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MeisterSinger - The Single-hand Watch
MeisterSinger - The Single-hand Watch

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Swiss Made

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Once understood, telling the time with a single-hand watch is child’s play, even intuitive. 

The large, prominent hour hand has little in common with conventional short hour hands. The narrow tip of the hand points to the fine five-minute markers on the edge of the dial, making it possible to tell the time to the nearest minute.

MeisterSinger watches are SWISS MADE; the mark of quality for watches all over the world.

For years we have been working with the same manufacturing companies that ensure consistently high manufacturing quality for us. Together with them we develop the technical innovations, for which we have received a lot of attention in recent years. Such as the watch with a jumping hour, the Bell Hora with an hour strike or the in-house caliber with a 120-hour power reserve.


Similar to computers and mobile phones, the lifespan of a battery-powered quartz watch is significantly limited. Who repairs a device that is 5 or 10 years old when it has long been superseded by new technologies? Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are true marvels of technical precision, seen in this way the "real" and sustainable watches that can still be repaired in 100 years. Because: every gear wheel and movement part can still be replaced in 100 years.

Yes, with our engraving service you can personalize the back of your watch directly when you purchase it from the online shop. This service is only available for newly bought watches.

Yes, here you can download product-specific instructions for your watch. 

In principle, a watch winder can be used for every automatic watch. It serves as a protected and decorative place to store your watch – and is also particularly useful for watches with complications (date, moon phases, etc.). It keeps your watch running reliably when you are not wearing it and obviates the need for resetting. 

You don’t need to worry that your watch could be damaged by a watch winder. 

Please note: MeisterSinger watches fitted with the MSA01 movement take several days to be wound by a watch winder. 

A hand-wound watch can, of course, be mounted on a watch winder for decorative purposes, but it will not be wound by it.


MeisterSinger has sales branches and specialist retailers throughout the entire world. Via our Retailer search you can easily find a specialist retailer near you. Alternatively, you can purchase a MeisterSinger right here in the Online shop and have it delivered free of charge to the address of your choice.

You have a broad range of payment options: Direct bank transfer, PayPal including payment in installments, credit card (Stripe), instant bank transfer, or Giropay.

No, shipping of your order is free of charge; any potential payment fees will be borne by MeisterSinger.


Do you have any further queries and require assistance? Then send an e-mail to: service@meistersinger.deOur service team will be happy to assist you. 

How and where do I send my watch to?

If so, you have two options:

Contact your local retailer and bring them your watch together with the warranty card and a copy of the invoice.

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Contact our office by phone to request a Repair Authorization. Please have your watch available during the call, as information from the watch will be required. Each repair will need to be scheduled prior to shipping. Unexpected shipments may be refused and returned to the sender.

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All our products come with a warranty that they will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. If, contrary to expectations, any such defect should occur within this period, MeisterSinger will remedy the defect by repairing the watch at no cost to the customer.

More information on the terms and conditions of warranty is available here.

Yes, it is! Register your MeisterSinger watch now and become a member of the MeisterSinger community. Besides having your warranty extended from two to three years, you will also gain exclusive insights into development processes and be involved in product-related decision-making.

Find out more here more 

Adjustment & Maintenance

A watch is a complicated mechanical instrument. It runs day in, day out, and in many cases for years without ever stopping. Just as a car cannot be driven for 200,000 kilometers without being serviced, your watch requires regular maintenance. We recommend an Inspection every four to five years.

Water is the greatest enemy of any watch – and water resistance is not a permanent condition. External influences can have a negative impact on the water resistance of your watch, such as seals that have become porous due to age, extreme temperature fluctuations, or frequent contact with everyday chemicals. We recommend checking the water resistance of a mechanical watch on a regular basis.

The respective water resistance of your watch is engraved on the back of its case.

  • 3 bar: Your watch is splash-proof, but otherwise prefers to remain dry. 
  • 5 bar: Your watch can be worn in the shower.
  • >20 bar: You can wear your watch when diving.

Important: Never pull out the crown when under water. If your watch is fitted with a screw-down crown, make sure to screw it back tightly after each use.