20 November 2019

MeisterSinger makes watches for people who have their own effortless way of managing time. And MeisterSinger never tires of creating unusual solutions for them, not only in the way it displays time, but also with the sophisticated mechanics behind it.

The Circularis is MeisterSinger’s premium line. Its various models are powered by movements carefully constructed to meet the special requirements of single-hand watches. At the Dubai Watch Week, MeisterSinger is presenting a version exclusively designed for the Arabic-speaking world: the Circularis Reverse. Arabic is written to read from right to left, which corresponds to the anti-clockwise direction of the watch itself. At first glance there seems to be no difference at all; the geometry of the dial hardly differs from the standard version, as MeisterSinger always uses double-digit hour numerals in order to give its watches a balanced appearance. From a technical point of view, however, the watch is a genuine specialty.

Movements made to measure

MeisterSinger sets the highest standards for the watchmaking quality of its products. For its characteristic way of displaying the time with a single, long hand, MeisterSinger commissioned Swiss specialists to develop movements that implement this principle to perfection, in both technical and aesthetic terms. As the hand needs to run with particular precision, a minute wheel with spring teeth was integrated in the movement in order to minimize the backlash. The fact that MeisterSinger is less concerned about short periods of time and more about seeing the bigger picture is also reflected in the Circularis’ five-day power reserve, which is stored in its twin mainspring barrels. Their in-series design means power is delivered to the movement extremely evenly and smoothly, thereby increasing the precision. The distinctiveness of these movements, which are

used exclusively in Circularis models, is also evident in their elaborate design: the finishing with polished edges, blued screws, polished bevels, and engravings lined with gold. The bridge, painstakingly designed by company founder Manfred Brassler, is unique in its merging of technical and aesthetic sophistication.

The Automatic Version of MeisterSinger’s movement MSA01 forms the basis on which the Circularis Reverse was developed. Although the development of this anti-clockwise running timepiece was technically anything but straightforward, it proved to be far more complex than initially expected and it became necessary to build in eleven new components. The result is not a new, but a thoroughly redesigned movement in which the date also switches the other way around. And a fine example of watchmaking ingenuity, which also includes taking the most rational approach possible, as series parts were modified in order to create many of the new components required.

In typical MeisterSinger style the Circularis Reverse gives time its own direction – and requires its own mechanics and form in order to do so. Just like words that are read from right to left. The Circularis Reverse with its relaxing way of enjoying time is exclusively built for MeisterSinger’s partner “Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons” in a limited edition of only 25 pieces. This MeisterSinger special edition wristwatch will be presented for the first time at the MeisterSinger Booth during Dubai Watch Week from November 20 to 24, 2019.

Model: Circularis Reverse Movement: Automatic bridge rhodium-plated with côtes circulaire (circular polishing), diameter 32,7 mm, height 6,4 mm, 29 jewels, Glucydur® balance, eccentric fine adjustment, 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz), Incabloc® shockproofing, twin in-series mainspring barrels, temperature-blued screws, tungsten rotor Diameter: 43 mm Case: Stainless steel, domed sapphire crystal, water-resistant up to 5 bar, sapphire crystal back Dial: Sunburst steel blue Power reserv: 120 hours Wrist: Wrist strap made of saddle leather with quick release system, additional cordovan strap included

29 August 2019

MeisterSinger makes watches for people who need nothing more than a single hand to keep track of their time. The Circularis is MeisterSinger’s premium line. The movements for these models were developed in Switzerland according to exact specifications set out by MeisterSinger in order to ideally meet the special requirements of single hand watches and to ensure an incredibly large power reserve at the same time. The MSH01 movement is the hand-wound caliber, the MSA01 is the automatic version. The various Circularis models are all equipped with this outstanding technology. Their appliqued hour numerals and their polished stainless steel cases provide the appropriate grandeur.


Finely matted with a dignified patina

However, the new Circularis Automatic “Old Radium” has a completely different look, more casual and altogether cool. Its case is finely matted, giving it a more leisurely look than a highly polished surface. Here the hour numerals on the black dial are not appliques, but treated with “Old Radium” luminous paint, just like the single hand, creating the impression that the dial has gained a dignified patina over a period of decades. The face of this model is therefore reminiscent of the historical scientific measuring instruments that have always inspired the design of the MeisterSinger collection.


Efficient and beautiful to behold

The Circularis’ MSA01 automatic movement follows the grand tradition of Swiss watchmaking, whose specialists have long mastered the art of finding mechanical solutions for every new technical challenges. One of MeisterSinger’s strict design specifications was that the hand should rotate extremely smoothly and evenly, despite its length. To achieve this feat, the developers created a movement with a wheel with sprung teeth that minimizes the backlash of the hand. Two in-line mainspring barrels store the energy required for the unusually long 120-hour power reserve. The two barrels are powered by a tungsten rotor, which converts the wearer’s every arm movement into the energy that drives the movement. Sickle-shaped recesses are reminiscent of MeisterSinger’s fermata logo and allow a good view of the movement at all times. With its meticulous ornamentation and the uniquely designed bridge, it also meets MeisterSinger’s most stringent aesthetic requirements and has already won the German Desing Award for the hand-wound version.

The movement of the Circularis can, of course, be viewed through a screwed exhibition glass back, giving it greater flair on the back than on the front, but that’s what makes it so cool. The Circularis Automatic is on sale now. The stainless-steel case is 43 millimeters in diameter and water-resistant up to a pressure of 5 bar. The watch comes with a vintage saddle leather strap.


Model: Circularis Automatic Old Radium Movement: manual wind, mechanism bridge rhodium-plated with côtes circulaire (circular graining), diameter 32.7 mm, height 6.4 mm, 29 jewels, Glucydur® balance wheel, Eccentric precision timing 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz), Incabloc® shock protection, twin in-series mainspring barrels, temperature-blued screws, tungsten rotor Diameter: 43 mm Case: Stainless steel case (brushed, DLC), water-resistant up to 5 bar, domed sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back magnified date Dial: black; needle-hand, numerals and indexes with Superluminova “Old Radium” Power reserve: 120 hours Wirstband: saddle leather


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12. July 2019

The Metris is undoubtedly the leisure watch in the MeisterSinger collection: robust, uncomplicated, waterproof and customizable to suit any outfit thanks to quick strap change. Furthermore, there’s nothing the one-hand principle is better suited to: who wants to count individual minutes let alone seconds in their free time? With its casual look, the Metris will soon be as indispensable as your favorite pair of jeans.

Further versions of the Metris are now also available: a bronze case and dark blue dial hint at nautical adventures. In the Black Line with a DLC-coated, black case and numerals in Old Radium it is reminiscent of a vintage on-board instrument. MeisterSinger watches can be elegant, striking, sporty and colorful – but never loud, flamboyant or provocative. This also applies to the Metris models. Until now.

What’s that then?

The colors of the Metris with a black case and a bright yellow dial contrast more strongly than any other MeisterSinger model. So where does the yellow dial come from? Here, too, founder and designer Manfred
Brassler was actually inspired by old instruments. And even though he brought the yellow Metris to Baselworld earlier this year as a spontaneous design idea, he designed it with the same care as all MeisterSinger watches. It features slight color progression on the dial and a matching seam on the black leather strap. At the fair the watch became a talking piece and an Instagram star surprisingly quickly. Someone said “mellow yellow” – and there was its nickname! But to start with it couldn’t be ordered, and neither could it be found in the catalog.

A little provocative

But now it is available, just as it was shown in Basel. Because “its mellow yellow” is far removed from everything instrumental and more reminiscent of leisure topics such as ripe fruit or a sunset. And because MeisterSinger is committed to classic trade fairs that have their own dynamism. And especially because with this watch you can do something that barely any pair of jeans can do: provoke a little.

The technical features of the Metris are undoubtedly sublime. The watch is powered by a Swiss automatic movement. The scratch-resistant stainless steel case has a diameter of 38 millimeters and is water-resistant to 20 bar; its powerful flank protects the screw-down crown. The yellow Metris is available as of now.

  • Model: Metris
  • Movement: ETA 2824-2 or SW 200-1
  • Diameter: 38 mm
  • Case: Stainless steel (DLC), caseback with six screws, water-resistant up to 20 bar, sapphire glass, magnified date
  • Power reserve: 38 hours


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24. June 2019

MeisterSinger watches indicate the peaceful flow of time; the rotation of the single hand is hardly perceptible with the naked eye, despite its high precision. The same is true for MeisterSinger’s first astronomical watch, the Lunascope, with its unusually large and unusually exact moon phase display, where the moon looks almost as realistic as it does in a planetarium. Above all, however, the movement of the Swiss automatic caliber is so skillfully constructed that it only requires a minor correction after 128 years and not – like many other moon phase watches – already after three years. The moon phase display of the Lunascope is an exact astronomical measuring instrument and at the same time so inspiring to look at that it has already won a number of prestigious design prizes such as the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Evenings to remember

The first two Lunascope variants have now been joined by a third, which depicts a glowing golden moon against a dark blue starry sky and is complemented by a dark blue dial with a shimmering sunburst finish. The new model also features superimposed hour numerals and a date window with golden trim. With its highly unusual representation of the moon, this Lunascope is definitely the most poetic, romantic watch in the series. Especially because it always displays the beautiful truth, as the moon can very well look as golden yellow as this when it appears just above the horizon. The best way to observe it is out in the countryside, on a sandy beach, or when looking at a broad view of a mountain range – in those special moments when nobody counts the seconds and which we love to remember all the more.

The Swiss automatic caliber with the high-precision moon phase module purrs in its stainless steel case with a slender 40-millimeter diameter and is easy to observe through the screwed, glass exhibition back. The Lunascope with the golden moon comes with a cognac-colored calfskin watchstrap and is on sale right now.

  • Model: Lunascope
  • Movement: ETA 2836 with MS-module, automatic
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Case: Stainless steel, 6-screwed exhibition back, water re-sistance 5 bar, sapphire crystal
  • Power reserve: 38 hours
  • Variants: Sunburst Blue


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14. May 2019

MeisterSinger has revised this elegant, classic model

MeisterSinger makes watches for people who know just what is important to them. All they need is a long, single hand that displays both the hours and the minutes; seconds are not important to them, although the current date is quite another matter. That’s why MeisterSinger has revised one of its most successful models, the

Pangaea, and equipped it with a date display that reflects the design concept of the watch. The MeisterSinger design language is based on historical instruments with a rigorously objective look, but also on the faces of early pocket watches, especially those that needed nothing more than a single, slender hand. The Pangaea, the most elegant model among the MeisterSinger classics, is also part of this tradition. Apart from its slim 40-mm case, the finely curved serif typeface contributes towards its visual lightness.

Highly essential: every detail

The Pangaea Date, which was presented for the first time at the Baselworld, not only keeps perfect time, it also features a date display, which has been carefully integrated in the geometry of the dial. An extended marker at 6 o’clock points to the circular date window, which is typical for MeisterSinger. Its opening is finely metallized and, of course, the typography of the digits in the date window matches that used for the hour numerals.

Three variants

The Pangaea Date comes in three variants, with the dial in ivory, opaline silver, or blue. The numerals, the hand, and the rim of the date window are all designed to match them. The hand on the two lighter-colored models is blue with black lettering and a date window framed in silver. The blue variant with the sunburst dial is fitted with a white hand, whereas the hour numerals and the rim of the date window are finished in fine matching gold. The watch is powered by a Swiss automatic movement. The glass back of the Pangaea provides a clear view of how the rotor, which is engraved with a golden MeisterSinger logo, supplies the movement with power. The exhibition back is fastened with six screws and the stainless steel case of the Pangaea is water-resistant up to 5 bar.

All three Pangaea models come with a matching calfskin watchstrap with an embossed crocodile pattern and are on sale now.

  • Model: Pangaea Date
  • Movement: Sellita SW 200-1, Date
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Case: Stainless steel, Exhibition back with six screws, water-resistant up to 5 bar, sapphire glass
  • Power reserve: 38 hours
  • Variants: Sunburst Blue, Opaline-Silver, Ivory


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25. April 2019

The single-hand watch like your favorite pair of jeans is now available as a Black Line

A year ago, MeisterSinger gave four of its classic watches a new finish and therefore a completely new character. The Black Line, with its black case, black dial, and red highlights accentuates the instrument-like heritage of single-hand watches made in Münster, Germany. Despite their differences, however, these models have one thing in common – their coolness.

Rugged exterior

These characteristics make the Metris the ideal choice as the next member of the Black Line. In its unusual stainless-steel case, it doesn’t only look elegant, but also particularly rugged and features a screwed crown as well as sturdily protected sides, which means the Metris can be worn in any situation without a worry. Its scratch-resistant, matt sandblasted DLC coating makes the case of the Metris Black Line look far more striking and its lugs have a predatory look, similar to the ears of a wild animal.

The jet black dial has a structure that swallows every reflection, additionally accentuating the red highlights in the minute scale and on the tip of the hour hand, making the hour numerals even more striking: During the day because their “Old Radium” hue gives the impression of dignified ageing and at night because the luminous “superluminova” coating lends them a strong afterglow.

Swiss core

And that is highly appropriate, as Metris Black Line owners don’t simply go home at 5 p.m. or because it’s dark. This watch is much better suited to a visit to a favorite bar or a late swim in the lake.

The Metris’ 38-millimeter stainless steel case is designed to protect its Swiss automatic movement from pressures of up to 20 bar. The Black Line comes with its typical cognaccolored saddle leather strap, emphasizing its unusual character, and its seams highlight the vintage shade of the luminous numerals.

The Metris Black Line is on sale now.

  • Model: Metris
  • Movement: ETA 2824-2 or Sellita SW 220-1
  • Diameter: 38 mm
  • Case: Stainless steel, sixfold screwed back, water-resistant up to 20 bar, sapphire glass
  • Power reserve: 38 hours


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05. April 2019

MeisterSinger highly successful at Inhorgenta and Baselworld, next stop:
the Dubai Watch Week 2019

MeisterSinger, the Münster-based maker of single-hand watches, enjoyed outstanding success at both the Inhorgenta in Munich and the Baselworld in Switzerland. Managing Partner and Sales Director John van Steen believes in the great intrinsic value of the two trade show venues: “The personal contact with customers and jewelers from all over the world is an indispensable factor and worth its weight in gold. We earn 75 percent of our revenue with international customers and a key part of the business is either transacted in Munich and Basel or prepared when discussing our watches.” The rich mixture of product innovations, whether the three bronze line models, the sixties look of the Vintago, or the Urban Day Date entry-level model, has convinced distributors and jewelers alike. “Our sales at the two events are up by a further eight percent year-on-year,” says Manfred Brassler, Managing Partner and founder of MeisterSinger. The renewed success has given MeisterSinger fresh impetus as it takes up the invitation to go to Dubai to showcase its collection at the Dubai Watch Week, which will be held from November 20 to 24.


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23. March 2019

MeisterSinger presents the first three watches in its new Bronze Line

MeisterSinger watches show the time with one single hand – their owners don’t allow themselves to be rushed. The display principle is inspired by that of early tower clocks, the design features purely functional typography and the consistent use of double digits to indicate the hours is reminiscent of historical instruments. With the new Bronze Line, MeisterSinger underscores the instrumental character of its timepieces with three watches, each with its own unique character, in a case made of this traditional material.

Valuable instruments

Robust and weatherproof, bronze was for a long time the ideal casing for scientific instruments and devices, whether in seafaring or in the field of medicine. And as metals from various regions have been melted together to make bronze, it also stands for interaction, long journeys, and possibly worldly sophistication. However, despite its high resilience, time tends to leave its mark on bronze surfaces. The fact that a bronze case is not only capable of reliably protecting a watch over a long period, but also reveals its age, was another reason for MeisterSinger to craft three of its most successful models in bronze. The choice of the color of the dial is quite striking. The historical case material, the numerals (Superluminova), the hand in “Old Radium” (Superluminova), and the instrument-like red tip of the hand provide a contrast to the deep blue sunburst finish of the dial. Hence, even when the bronze gradually ages, the watch will never look like a museum piece, but simply show the history and tell the stories of its owner.

Three different versions

Just as the stainless steel versions of the three MeisterSinger models differ from one another, they also have their own unique character when encased in bronze:

The No. 03 is a MeisterSinger classic model with its understated appearance and the unadorned clarity of its dial, and has already won prestigious design awards. Despite its imposing 43-millimeter diameter, it is a timepiece of simple elegance – but also a genuine eye-catcher in the bronze version. The reverse side of the watch features a sixfold screwed steel back with a glass exhibition window that provides an excellent view of the Swiss automatic movement. The No. 03 in bronze comes with a hand-sewn saddle leather watchstrap in dark brown and a bronze buckle. The single-hand watch will be available from April.

Model: No. 03 Bronze Line

Movement: ETA 2824-2 or Sellita 200-1, automatic, date

Diameter: 43 mm

Case: Bronze, sixfold screwed exhibition back, 5 bar, sapphire glass

Power reserve: 38 hours

The Perigraph follows the MeisterSinger principle of clear circular arrangement. The date is not displayed in a window, but on the open date disk at 12 o’clock, making the Perigraph particularly reminiscent of classical analog instruments. This impression is additionally reinforced in the bronze version, thus creating the image of noble commitment to scientific traditions. The reverse side of the Perigraph features a sixfold screwed stainless steel back with an exhibition window that provides an excellent view of the Swiss automatic movement. The bronze watch with its dark brown, hand-sewn saddle leather watchstrap and bronze buckle will be available from April.

Model: Perigraph Bronze Line

Movement: ETA 2824-2 or Sellita 200-1, automatic, open date ring

Diameter: 43 mm

Case: Bronze, sixfold screwed exhibition back, 5 bar, sapphire glass

Power reserve: 38 hours

The Metris is a young, robust companion for any time and any place – for the office or the beach. Perhaps this particular model of the Bronze Line is more likely to pick up a few small scars on the case and a patina from outdoor use – after all, it is water-resistant up to 20 bar. The contrast between these signs of ageing and the sunburst blue dial are therefore all the more interesting. The multifaceted structure of the case and the opulent blue dial make the Metris an eye-catcher in any situation, even if the gala calls instead of the wilderness. The bronze case of the Metris has a diameter of 38 millimeters and a sixfold screwed stainless steel caseback. The watch is powered by a Swiss automatic movement. The Metris in bronze comes with a dark brown saddle leather watchstrap and a bronze buckle and goes on sale in April.

Model: Metris Bronze Line

Movement: ETA 2824-2 or Sellita 200-1, automatic, magnified date

Diameter: 38 mm

Case: Bronze, sixfold screwed back, 20 bar, sapphire glass

Power reserve: 38 hours


22. March 2019

Day and date – concentric and contrasting 


MeisterSinger adds two strikingly colorful models to its Pangaea Day Date family. 

MeisterSinger makes single-hand watches for people who don't need to worry about the seconds, but just want to keep track of their time. The Pangaea Day Date is one of the most successful models MeisterSinger has ever created and the timepiece has already won a number of design awards. It displays the date and the weekday in typical MeisterSinger fashion, not in windows but by means of two open, perfectly balanced, rotating rings that have practically no joints or gaps. The current date is shown at 12 o’clock, without disturbing the symmetrical smoothness of the dial.

So far, the date disks of the Pangaea Day Date were designed in the same color as the surrounding dial and the display was structured via the height difference of the various elements.

Radial geometry

Now, however, MeisterSinger is accentuating the radial geometry of the dial by using strong colors and a brushed steel case, giving the two new models a completely different character:

The first model features carefully selected dark hues next to each other. The center and the circle with the hour numerals are in steel blue with a sunburst design, while the outer edge is matte black, just like the day and date rings, providing a clear, but discreet contrast. White typography and red markings, also on the tip of the single hand, not only make it easier to read the time and the date, but also give the model its very own dynamic look.

The second version, however, has a more energetic character: The edge of the dial and the two day-date rings are finished in a matte sand gray, providing a striking contrast to the shimmering blue of the dial. Here, too, the functional MeisterSinger typography is designed in white combined with an instrument-like red trim. A leather strap in matching colors underscores the energetic character of the two new models. Fine cordovan straps are available in cognac and dark brown.

A Swiss movement keeps perfect time in the 40-mm stainless steel case and can be observed through the sixfold screwed glass exhibition back of the Pangaea Day Date, which is water-resistant up to 5 bar.

The new models will be available from May.

  • Model: Pangaea Day Date
  • Movement: ETA 2836-2 or Sellita SW 220-1
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Case: Stainless steel, Exhibition back with six screws, water resistance up to 5 bar, sapphire crystal
  • Variants: Ivory, Sunburst Blue, Blue Black, Blue Sand-Gray
  • Power reserve: 38 hours


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21. March 2019

MeisterSinger presents the Vintago: Minimalism in design and time display

At this year’s Baselworld, MeisterSinger is adding a new watch line to its collection – the Vintago. The Münster-based company specializes in mechanical single-hand watches – timepieces for people who don’t need to worry about minor details or think about seconds, but simply want to keep track of longer periods of time.

As the name suggests, the Vintago also provides a look back to the past, because it embodies the design virtues of a rather elegant era. The purely functional typography and the flat glass domed over the unadorned dial are reminiscent of the austere design language of the 1960s. The finely brushed stainless steel case with its discreet 38-millimetre diameter is also typical of that decade. And last but not least, the carefully designed crown also harks back to those bygone years.

Vintage – and quite contemporary

But whereas MeisterSinger’s Neo looks at first glance like it's been around since the 1950s, the Vintago’s design is also quite contemporary at the same time. Its curved hour hand rotates over a multi-level dial, thereby adding further depth to its geometric appearance. The generous arched segment of the date display is cut out of the raised center. Both the form and the content are highly typical for MeisterSinger, as the wearer has an overview of five calendar days and a small dot marks the current date.

In all four versions of the Vintago (opaline silver, ivory, blue, and black), the basic hue of the date disk and the color of the numerals are selected to match the dial. The Vintago is modeled on the vintage qualities of a good port wine, which is made from the best grapes and simply gets better and better as it ages.

On the back of the flat case, which is water-resistant up to 5 bar, the glass exhibition window reveals the Swiss movement driving the Vintago: the Sellita SW200-1 automatic. The four models will be available from April with a calfskin watchstrap that matches the color of the dial.

Model: Vintago

Movement: Sellita SW 200-1, Date

Diameter: 38 mm

Case: Stainless steel, sixfold screwed exhibition back, water-resistant up to 5 bar, sapphire glass

Variants: Opaline silver, ivory, black, blue

Power reserve: 38 hours